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Your future is now fully funded.

At the School of Art, we believe in the importance of growing your talent free from distraction of cost. That's why we made our graduate programs free!

The Fine Print

Full Funding*$32,290

*Amount of tuition support disbursed for 3 years when combined with 6(+) graduate level units per semester and cumulative 3.0(+) GPA.

Full funding covers all base tuition costs. Student is still responsible for university, program and course fees.

Teaching *10 hrs

*Amount of time assigned per week for teaching in a graduate assistant position that aligns with your area of expertise.

Student Aid*$10,000(+)

*Amount of additional financial assistance provided (+) free campus health insurance compounded with offer.


Graduate students utilize the invaluable creative experience and intellectual context they receive to create impactful careers and expand the boundaries of art.

Image of Khaled Jarrar’s public performance on Wall Street. A man holds a black metal cooler. Glass viles can be seen through an opening in the front.

Khaled Jarrar  
(MFA, ’19)

Blood for Sale, public performance on Wall Street, as part of an exhibition at New York’s Open Source Gallery, 2018.

Image of Bella Maria Varela’s American GRL artwork. American flag and eagles on a four-foot by 10-foot blanket with a large circle cutout. A red, white, and blue US flag bikini top hangs behind the blanket and can be seen through the cutout.

Bella Maria Varela (MFA, ’21)

American GRL, blanket and bikini mixed media, 4 ft x 10 ft. x .5 ft, part of Border Becky installation, 2021.

Image of Elliott Jamal Robbins’ A La Petite Mort, grey graphite drawing on beige paper. The words dead means black legally can be read above an indiscernible image of a figure.

Elliott Jamal Robbins (MFA, ’21)

A La Petite Mort, graphite on paper 52” x 40” – part of Black Aesthetic installation, 2017.

Image of Maria Shaltout’s Snake Woman multimedia installation. Four video screens set within brown mounds of dirt are hung on opposing white walls with brown painted uneven lines that surround the room and connect them all together. A pink bathtub with lights sits against the back wall and a life-sized cutout figure of a shirtless man stands against the left wall. Green turf and bunches of multi-colored silk flowers sit on the floor against the right wall.

Maria Shaltout  
(MFA, ’20)

Snake Woman, multimedia installation, 2020.

Image of Oliver Padilla’s Product of the American Dream installation. A small fast-food restaurant drive-thru with a three-sided white tile kitchen is constructed in the gallery. A person in a black restaurant uniform wipes down the tiled walls of the room.

Oliver Padilla  
(MFA, ’17)

Product of the American Dream, installation, 2017.

Image of Hellen Gaudence’s digital print, Ibitola. A Black and white image of a black woman wearing a head scarf and hoop earrings is looking off-camera.

Hellen Gaudence
(MFA, ’17)

Ibitola, 16 x 20 digital print, as part of Magharibi project, 2017.



These are just a few examples of our world-class artists and professors who will work to sharpen your focus, gain insight, and become uniquely competitive in your professional career.

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